This article is a walkthrough of Welcome to the Game II.

Welcome to the Game II is a randomly generated puzzle/survival horror game where you start off navigating the Deep Wiki I in search of eight bits of code called called "keys", hidden within the websites of the Deep Web. You only have 6 in-game hours to do so, which translates to 3 actual hours.

  • Grab the Flashlight so you aren't screwed when the power goes out. 
  • Keep your door locked at all times so, when Lucas attacks, you'll be warned with his sound cue. Setting up motion sensors on both ends of the hall is for added security and more time to react to his attack. Motion sensors will be placed on the table near the door.
  • Go to the Alley to fetch Adam's Remote VPN. This will help get you on your feet so you can start farming DOSCoin. You can pick up the VPNs in your apartment on the wine cellar across from the door to the hallway.
  • Get creative with your placement of your Remote VPNs. Go out on the fire escape if you have to, just always place it in a green spot rather than a red or yellow spot. 
  • If you are having a difficult time spotting more than one green zone in the entire apartment it typically means you were unlucky, often in this case it's typically best to settle with yellow VPN spots, which are easier to find. 
  • Purchase skyBreak and get an in-depth feel of it so you can hack into Wi-Fi networks.
  • You do not have to be on a network to crack into other networks, however disconnecting the Wi-Fi dongle will reset any progress towards a crack.
  • Periodically change the location of your dongle so you have a wider access to more Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Change your Wi-Fi every 10 or so in-game minutes (5 real time minutes) so the Police can't track you.
  • Be wary of pedo/trafficking sites, these are being monitored heavily by the police and will alert them to you quickly.
  • Also power your computer off/disconnect the Wi-Fi every single time you're not using it so the Police can't track you and Lucas can't sabotage your computer.
  • Always have at least one Backdoor purchased so, whenever you're hacked, you gain DOSCoin from countering it.
  • Always fail the ZONEWALL hacks so you'll be given any other hack. You profit from countering all hacks except ZONEWALL hacks. The more misses on the ZONEWALL hack, the more difficult/profitable the hack is. 
  • Tread lightly around The Doll Maker site. Visiting it will summon the Doll Maker sooner or later, however this also saves the game even if the player dies, so it's a gift and curse. It could also contain a key.
  • Your biggest goal should be the Key Finder, which costs 375 DOSCoin.
  • A hit-or-miss strategy is keeping all lights off except the one by the bathroom. Turn it and the computer off when Lucas is incoming, because his search of your apartment can last up to 5 minutes if he knows you were home and, as aforementioned, he'll sabotage your computer by erasing your notes and stealing some DOSCoin. The risky part of leaving most of your lights off is that it makes Noir much more aggressive. 
  • Leave your apartment as little as possible. When Lucas roaming the rest of the apartment, all you can do is get lucky and avoid the stairwell doors. It also puts you more at risk with the cops and Noir.
  • Have a pen and paper ready if you're having difficulties with the memory hack.
  • Lucas and Noir will become more aggressive over time so it is better to get your shipments earlier in the night, getting the software upgrades later on.
  • Whenever you're waiting for a page to load, check the window for Noir, as this is the only time they can kill you without warning and it'll give you something productive to do as you wait.
  • Solving the Rule of Three puzzle will reward you with a link to another Deep Wiki. The third and final Deep Wiki link is hidden on a random site, usually in the source code.