Steam Achievements is a feature in Welcome to the Game II continued from the original, being a roster of achievements the player's Steam account will be rewarded with for doing specific, optional tasks in the game. There are 26 achievements.

List of achievements

  • Ghosting: Hang up on all calls from Adam.
  • Knowledge Is Power: Read all the tutorial documents.
  • GoodGuyAdam: Finish the tutorial. 
  • Infiltrator: Hack every Wi-Fi Network.
  • Shopping Spree: Buy one of every item on both markets. 
  • Digital Consumer: Buy one of every item on zeroDay Market. 
  • Shipping Handler: Buy one of every item on the Shadow Market. 
  • Night Vision: Find the flashlight while the power is shut off. 
  • Double Up: Have two or more packages in the dead drop at one time. 
  • Hold The Door: Die while trying to keep the breather from breaking down the door 
  • Lore Junkie: Read every interactive note.
  • Click Master: Block 20 ZONEWALL hacks in a row. 
  • Butter Fingers: Lose 20 ZONEWALL hacks in a row.
  • Goldfish Memory: Lose the lowest level memDefrager.
  • Doll Maker's Pet: Satisfy the Doll Maker. 
  • Popper Pro: Beat the highest level StackPusher.
  • Hookup Master: Beat the highest level nodeHexer.
  • Steel Trap: Beat the highest level memDefrager.
  • The Professional: Beat the game without any purchases. 
  • Who's That Lady: Find our special guest. 
  • The 1%: Beat the game. 
  • Paid To Sit: Have all 4 VPNs active.
  • Paranoid: Have all 4 Motion Sensors active and own Blue Whisper. 
  • Stack Overload: Lose the lowest level StackPusher. 
  • I Don't Node: Lose the lowest level nodeHexer.
  • Stalker: Visit Adam’s Twitter and YouTube.


  • "Who's That Lady" is a reference to The Isley Brothers song "That Lady".