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The Loogaroo is a Satanist-based website on the Deep Web.

The last word (mother) in the sentence underneath the picture, may be clickable and give a code. There's also a chance to find another code at the bottom of the main page, under "Submit a post" or also it can appear when you press the word "BLOOD" or under the red lady in the "contact" subpage.

The creators of the Loogaroo claim to be the children of the aforementioned mother and explain that a long time ago, their mother made a pact with Lucifer. In return, they must bring her blood in order to keep her alive. They are described as a very secretive and reclusive society that slaughter animals and people in a ritual in order to please their mother and give her blood to help her survive. Those who want to join the cult but have not yet been accepted are known as "Crows". The Loogaroo states that the cult is revealing itself on the Deep Web in order to gain a larger following that will donate blood to their cause.

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