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This article is about the website. Did you mean the man who runs the site?

The Doll Maker is a website on the Deep Web, being an advertisement for a European surgeon who creates and sells sex dolls out of living women. <tabber> WTTG =

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A Red Room key can appear in a paragraph on the home page without clicking on something or on the sub page Contact Me by clicking on the logo at the top, somewhere on the doll's face (usually eyes) or on the contact URL (creates tanya.txt on the desktop), or clicking words, e.g. "doll, twisted" in the text (first sentence in sub page). The site constantly plays a creepy music box rendition of "Hush, Little Baby".

The site is expanded upon in Welcome to the Game II when visiting it as Clint Edwards sics the surgeon on his Apartment to act as an antagonist.



  • The Doll Maker is a heavily censored recreation/parody of infamous "Lolita Sex Toy" hoax and copypasta, pictured above in the gallery.

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In Welcome to the Game II, the Doll Maker site is completely revamped and rewritten. Visiting it gradually summons the actual Doll Maker to target Clint Edwards. [[Category:[

Deep Web]]