The Bomb Maker is a Deep Web website.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Bomb Maker is a site that can be found on one of three deep wiki pages. The Bomb Maker is a simple blog page on someone who makes bombs, surprisingly he doesn't sell his bombs for money. But instead he writes about when he took out a building full of many people only using a few items to create a bomb, it was also somewhat of a procedure on how to make bombs. After he writes about taking out the people with the Bomb he writes about how he enjoyed it and was laughing the hardest he had in a while. A code can appear on this site. There are no subpages and only a single page which makes browsing this website easy. The code can appear by clicking on one of the letters on the title or on one of the pictures that are present on the webpage. The Bomb Maker has a question on The Gatekeeper, the question is what ingredient does The Bomb Maker use for his work? The answer is Bleach.

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