The Shadow Market is a sister application to the Deep Web and an illegal online store that can be used to purchase physical devices with DOSCoin that can aid in Clint Edwards' investigation throughout Welcome to the Game II.

While the zeroDay Market is used for software, the Shadow Market delivers hardware right to the buyer's residence, dropping it in a small cardboard box via a drone. The pick-up point is in the Alley, requiring Clint to risk his life and leave his Apartment, which paints a target on him in the eyes of the Breather.

Products[edit | edit source]

  • Wifi Dongle Level 2 (160) - Betters Clint's internet connection for more efficient Deep Web browsing.
  • Wifi Dongle Level 3 (225) - Further betters Clint's internet connection for more efficient Deep Web browsing.
  • Motion Sensor (45) - Alerts Clint whenever a threat enters the Apartment.
  • Remote VPN (25) - Gradually generates DOS Coin for Clint. They have a colour coordinated placement guide depending on how long it takes them to generate DOS Coin, the coordination is; Red - over 1000 seconds; Yellow - between 300 and 999 and Green - Less than 300 seconds. This does not directly determine their overall value as they all generate different DOS Coin amounts. Scour entire floors for the best placement. 
  • Police Scanner (150) - Alerts Clint whenever the Police are onto him.
  • LOLPY DISC (135) - Allows Clint to access the old lobby computer. 
  • Blue Whisper (60) - Allows Clint to hear directly from the computer when away from the PC. Works with audio scanners and Police Scanners.
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