Red Triangle is a website in Welcome to the Game. While entering, the player is confronted with a picture of a red triangle, the logo, a series of hexadecimal codes, and two images displaying Pigpen cipher, there is a piano piece being played in the background. The hexadecimal in the game can be run through a hexadecimal online decoder to decode to plain text.

A hash may be found by clicking on one of the two images of papers.

The hexadecimal on the page decodes to

 He may not be the only one who lurks within your house. The prey of the one May be the prey of two. She will be in your shadow when you gaze upon him. Those who indulge in materialism will hear his breath and seek shelter from the rain of blood. You are alone. You will die in this place.

Real world references[edit | edit source]

This page that is being displayed in WTTG2 is based off of the real world Red Triangle puzzle, this page is based off the Chapter 1 of the Red Triangle puzzle. More infomation about the real world refrences can be found on the offical Red Triangle wiki page or from this video created by Fright Knight.


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