A Red Room is a hidden livestreaming service available on the the Deep Web that is typically accessed via invite or by paying to enter. Accessing a Red Room is the sole goal of the player of Welcome to the Game, being one of the multiple chat rooms on the Deep Web which features streams of actual torture and murder for the viewers' entertainment. 

The Red Room is only open for 30 days, giving the player nearly a month to navigate around the Deep Web's websites in search of eight bits of code called "keys", which can eventually be pieced together to form a URL for the Red Room.

After formulating a valid URL, the player will be taken to an ominous entrance site, given one last chance to turn back. If they continue on, they'll be taken to the Red Room. A cutscene plays of a hockey-masked psychopath wheeling in a cart of medical supplies in front of a restrained civilian, before greeting the 4,000+ viewers and beginning the show of the vicious mutilation and murder of the victim.

It is unknown whether or not, the other viewers had to go through the same process, or if they could have been at risk of getting kidnapped as well.

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