This article is dedicated to the connections between the real-world and the content of Welcome to the Game and its sequel.



A.N.N icon


Tor illustration

The A.N.N browser installed on the player's computer is quite clearly supposed to elicit feels of the The Onion Router (Tor), the most popular tool for Deep Web navigation.

Deep Web Content

Many websites encountered in Welcome to the Game are inspired by a multitude of real-life Creepypasta hoaxes and actual Deep Web content. Red Rooms have debated existences, The Doll Maker is a censored version of the Lolita sex doll copypasta, Forgive Me is inspired by the countless confession generators on the Deep Web, Black Hat Post is inspired by the black hat hacker-ran sites, Warehouse 33 is a recreation of the Human Experiment hoax. The Red Triangle page was inspired by the real Red Triangle internet puzzle that has been haunting the internet for a long time, similar to Cicada 3301.

There are plenty of drug-dealing, gun-laundering, and hitman/sex slave advertisements, etc.

Operating System


Ubuntu 11.10 screenshot


Desktop from WTTG

The operating system in Welcome to the Game is definitely a Linux based operating system. It very much looks like Ubuntu (11.04 and up, because older versions use the GNOME Desktop Environment). If you look at the top right corner of both screenshots, the GUI looks similar. This would make sense because the scripts against the attacks would be easier to upload and install, seeming that a system command on Ubuntu is simply creating a file in a folder. Tor is a well known browser for the Deep Web, which is downloadable from the Ubuntu terminal.

Wi-Fi Cracking 


skyBREAK in Welcome to the Game II

Image thumb-5-

AirCrack-ng being used in Kali Linux, a Penetration Testing Linux Distribution

The program skyBREAK, which you can purchase from the ZeroDay Market, is a reference to the command-line hacking tool AirCrack-ng, which is most commonly used in Penetration Testing to crack Wi-Fi encryption keys from .pcap handshakes. There are clear similarities while in the process of the cracking as well as syntax used in the programs.