An angle of the SWAT team achieved through glitching the game

The Police act as antagonists in Welcome to the Game II.

They are a SWAT team for the New York Police Department, recently cracking down on cyber-crime with militaristic, extremist methods. 


The Police are represented by three-four Caucasian men dressed head to toe in black and grey SWAT armor. They're armed with G36Cs, outfitted with tactical lights, and stun grenades. 


Interpreting Clint's excessive Deep Web usage as potential illegal activity, the Police will trace the protagonist's IP and raid his apartment. The officers will break down the door to the apartment and hurl a flashbang in, then throw Clint to the ground and aim their guns at him, resulting in an instant Game Over. The only way to prevent this is by periodically jumping from password-protected network to password-protected network to shake their tracings off his tail, which requires hacking with SkyBreak. Their raid is warned a few seconds earlier by very distant background chatter coming from the stairwell. The attack animation only activates if the player approaches the front door. If the player isn't home when they arrive, they'll instead ambush him when at the stairwell door. The Police are immune to Motion Sensors; use Police Scanners to warn their attempted attacks instead. They also attempt to lure the player out by shutting off the power. There is a time where the police enter through the fire exit. 

Important tip: Always disconnect your Wi-Fi whenever you don't use it so the Police can't track you.


  • "Flashbang!" - Before flashbanging Clint
  • "Go, go, go!" - Upon flashbanging Clint
  • "Got you now, motherfucker!" - Upon arresting Clint
  • "Clear!" - After arresting Clint
  • "Police department!" -In their hallway and staircase jumpscare while tackling Clint


Warning: Loud!

Warning: Loud!



  • It is possible to see "FBI Surveillance Van" on your Wi-Fi networks. While this might seem like a hint that the Police are onto you, it's actually a reference to a common real-life prank where people give their Wi-Fi networks ominous, usually FBI-based, names to creep their neighbors out.
    • Also, the NYPD SWAT and the FBI are two completely separate law enforcement entities.
  • Though the game says the Police are tracking people via Deep Web activity, they can attack even if you have not entered the Deep Web at all. This must mean that they discriminate against ANN users, not just Deep Web users.
  • The Police are jokingly nicknamed the "Poilce" by fans thanks to a typo in the game's code.
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