Larry, originally simply known as The Victim, was once a minor character in Welcome to the Game, however one of the 2.0 update's secret endings gave him a name and much more prominence to the story. He is an accountant from Buffalo, New York that was abducted off the streets by the Executioner (or his associates) and potentially tortured live in front of thousands of sick Deep Web lurkers on the Red Room the player finds.


Larry is a normal-looking Caucasian man (revealed to be 43 by the Executioner in the secret ending) with blonde hair, brown shoes, blue jeans, and no shirt. He is understandably confused and terrified in his situation after awakening in a dark padded cell, restrained to a chair and being filmed in front of thousands. He is horribly maimed and tortured by the Executioner for the entertainment of the viewers before being put out of his misery with an off-screen throat slit.

Secret Ending


In one of the secret endings, instead of watching Larry, the player takes control of him, with the first part of the default ending cutscene playing out through Larry's perspective (also extending the scene since there's no buffering to cut anything out). As the Executioner turns his back to greet the audience, Larry/the player has only a few seconds to break out of his restraints and sprint out of the padded room's door to escape. He ends up on a highway in the middle of the night, where a car passes to pick up a hitchhiker further up the road (Elora from Rides With Strangers, another horror title from Reflect Studios). The Executioner's face all of a sudden pops up, implying Larry's attempted escape from the Red Room was ultimately a failure.


  • "Where am I? What is this?" 
  • "Why are you doing this to me?!"
  • "Please stop this..."


  • Larry is voiced by Dorian Bane.
  • In the official Welcome to the Game trailer, Larry can be heard saying "please stop this" followed by the Executioner laughing.
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