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Kill For Me is a Deep Web website.

Description[edit | edit source]

Kill For Me is a website that can be found on one of three deep wiki pages. Kill For Me is a website that lures people in to recruit them as assassins where a customer will post people who they want dead. When the job is done a sum of money will be sent via post office and it will be the newly recruited assassins job to pick up the money if they want it. There happens to be three people this person wants dead, one being an male African American CEO, a female Caucasian jogger/fitness trainer and a male Caucasian hobo. They will give the killer a certain amount of money depending on the job difficulty, they will also give you instructions on how they want the kill to happen and what they want witnesses to think happened. There happens to be two subpages on this site which is a grand total of three pages to browse through. This site also is open from 12am onwards. A code can appear on any of these three pages, on the home page the key can appear in the title or illustration, or some of the words in the text. On the targets page they could appear in the pictures of the victims, their names, the conditions, or the price. Last of all, the payment it normally appears on the link on the subpage. Kill For Me has a question on The Gatekeeper. The question is Which target in Kill For Me pays $8,000? The answer is Megan.

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