The Dining Room

The House is the main setting of Welcome to the Game, and is where the player resides.

The player is mostly always in the Dining Room part of the house, and they themselves are situated in the top left corner with their desktop computer that they can use to access the Deep Web with. While they are more or less bound to their chair, they can still turn in four directions:

  • They are looking fowards by default, at their computer and part of the window. This view lets the player reset their modem to halt hacking for a while. This view also lets them see their phone on the table, which occasionally rings (which can be answered/hung up) to let the player know the Breather is closing in to kill them.
  • The A key, their left, shows the wall.
  • The D key, their right, shows the dining room and the entire window, and lets them walk to the front door to hold it shut and check the porch, which is a very important mechanic.
  • The S key, behind them, shows the Light-Switch, another very important mechanic. 

The Kidnapper can break into the house and skulk around it in search of the player, which is signaled by loud background ambiance, a misplaced dining room chair, and the Location Services arrow on the taskbar. The player must then run over to the Light-Switch and shut it off, hiding in the complete darkness to ward the Kidnapper off. While the lights are off, the player cannot use the computer, but they can still be hacked during this period, leaving them very vulnerable. If the Kidnapper is alerted to their presence (either if a sound is picked up through the microphone if it's enabled, if the lights are on or the phone rings), he will hop through the window (which, for some reason, is wide open) and capture them.

The 2.0 update has flushed out the house further and lets the player walk through the dining room, into the living room, and to the front door where they can look outside for the Breather and hold the door shut when he tries to break in. However, they cannot check the door unless the dining room light is switched on.