Death Log is a deep web website in Welcome to the Game


Description[edit | edit source]

The Death Log website can appear on the one of three deep wiki pages. This website is a forum website, but instead of chatting about various regular topics, they simply talk purposely about Death. The site is structured with 6 stories that are titled Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Entry 4, Entry 5 and Entry 6. These stories are about people who happen to stumble on dead bodies, for some reason there are no comments on the stories, lucky.

There also happens to be no sub pages connected to the is website, therefore making your exploration on the site much easier and quicker. A key can appear on this website usually by clicking on one of the Entry titles. Death Log has a question on The Gatekeeper. The question is on Death Log, How does someone find their parents? The answer is Suicide/Homicide.

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