Icon in Welcome to the Game

Icon in Welcome to the Game II

Anonymous Node Network, nicknamed A.N.N, is an anonymous internet browser used to access Deep Web websites. It is used by the Player in Welcome to the Game and by Clint Edwards in Welcome to the Game II to access the Deep Web websites. It is a spoof of the popular Tor Browser.

A.N.N has several standard buttons found in any internet browser, including a home page button, a back button, a forward button, and a URL bar. When clicked, the home page button will automatically take the player to the Deep Web Wiki I. The forward button has no purpose but the back button will move the player one page backwards, or when clicked twice, take the player back to whatever wiki the site is on. The URL bar serves two purposes. Firstly, the URL can be changed at anytime and typed in. Typing in all 8 codes in order with http:// in front and .ann at the end will unlock the traditional ending for the game. The bar also acts as an indicator for when certain sites have codes on them. 

Similar to Tor Browser, it is also capable of surfing the clear web in addition to the Deep Web as seen in Welcome to the Game II, where it is possible to access both YouTube and Twitter through the browser.

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