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• 7/18/2017

where can I find a list of what I need to do to get the Achievements

I have seen that the achievements in the game, are things like "get to the master level of" one of the hacking tools or "Beat the game with out getting hacked"

the second one is obvious, but how are you supposed to do it, and how do you see or get the master level in a hacking tool.

and then there are also two hidden achievements that I don´t know what even are, so if someone knows where I can find a list of this achievement please tell me.

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• 7/19/2017

The "master level" refers to the Hacker Mode DLC. You need to keep fending off one type of hack until you reach the Master level.

As for the hidden achievements, you need to do some searching, and use of F12 on certain pages. I won't tell you which, it's more fun if you find out for yourself ;)

• 7/20/2017

thanks that helped a lot, but do you know the name of the DLC or is it just called "Hacker Mode"

and I guess that achievement "1337" or "Beat the game with out getting hacked". Comes from getting all 3 master levels so that they will not appear in the main game, or am I wrong about that.

• 7/21/2017

I haven't actually played enough of Hacker Mode (which is the DLC's name) to know that, actually.

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